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Inflatable Frog

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6L X 6W X 6H


When you have this inflatable frog displayed outside your business areas, then your business is on its way to reaching success. This inflatable advertising character is enough reason to draw the attention of people to your business. These inflatable promotional products are perfect marketing ads for any business and a surefire way of catching the attention of people to your business.

The colors of the inflatable frog are catchy, and can be seen easily from a far distance. Meaning that it doesn’t matter the distance of your potential customers, these advertising inflatables are enough to catch people's attention and bring a large return to your business. Smart business moguls have incorporated the use of this inflatable frog used as an advertising inflatable character to increase their profit and draw people’s attention. Our blow up advertising balloons don’t fade in color, and it maintains its originality for several years.

It is made of rugged materials that can last you for years, yet maintaining its quality and attractive characteristics. This blow-up advertisement is a magical way to give you a constant growth that your business needs. All our inflatable structures are wow, catchy, colorful and pleasant to behold. These promotional blow up inflatable frogs are available in different sizes, colors and yet gives your business an incredible profit.

Our inflatable frogs are made with quality vinyl giving your business the best blow up displays needed to reach its success above other competitors. Our blow up marketing balloons are a powerful marketing inflatable suitable for advertising and marketing your business to the outside world with an assurance of giving you a massive profit. There are smaller advertising inflatables, and at the same time, there are giant advertising inflatables available at comfortable prices. Its benefit to your business is fantastic, and you’ll always be grateful for buying this product from us.


Ground stakes, a repair kit & a storage bag.