Hot Air Balloons

Inflatable Advertising is for every occasion our giant Hot Air Balloon shape balloons along with a message or banner can certainly create an impact and provide the exposure needed to attract attention to your store or location. While the shape may be standard, the sizes, colors and messages are anything but! An inflatable advertising balloon is a tremendous addition to your strategy for advertising. Balloon shapes and colors are not the only customizable elements in inflatable advertising, however. Interchangeable banners are also available.

Of course, you can incorporate your company logo or slogan into the design. Plus, you can also order custom banners specifically made to fit the size and shape of your balloon. Advertising messages will be proudly displayed on the front and back, giving you 360-degree coverage.

All of our Cold Air Inflatables are manufactured using the highest quality; vinyl-coated nylon fabrics. All fabrics are from 7 to 16oz, 210 Denier, have a UV coating, and are waterproof. All seams are double secured to ensure durability, and all stress areas are reinforcement. Due to their sturdy, heavy-duty construction, cold air inflatables are able to withstand winds of up to 30 mph or more without damage from the elements.

Depending on your requirements, cold air inflatables are continually inflated using either an internal or external blower, while high-tension tether straps anchor the inflatable in place. With an additional internal light system, these units leave a visible impression day or night!