Do you want to publicize your products, but not sure, whether the advertisement will have enough viewership you envisaged? True, unless the objective of promoting a product is achieved, there is no point in spending the amount on publicity campaigns. Do not worry; probably, the publicity media you have in mind might be conventional, which might not assure the potential viewers. The modern-day technology is aplenty with innovation. The trendy ways of publicity modes have taken over the market so that the target audience does not miss the product campaign. A buzzword in the market is about inflatable billboard advertisement.

What is Billboard Advertisement?

If you desire a right connect to the potential audience, you need to shrug off the traditional means of publicity. You should develop some creativity and novelty in the dissemination of information about your products. The effective outdoor method is an inflatable billboard, which if strategically used would target the audience and convey the message in a right manner.

Variant Designs

Obviously, in order to meet your objective, you need to think ‘out of the box’ and create inflatable billboards in a non-conventional method. This includes variant designs of a customized size.

  • Portable: In addition to being novel and trendy, you can also derive additional advantage of the mobility of billboards wherever you desire. The portability of publicity material could effectively reach the audience of different locations without many hassles or expenses in transportation.

 Motorized: With a view to maintaining the shape and design you have in mind, the 110-V built-in electric motor can accompany. This enables continuous airflow blower to ensure that there is no disfigurement of the design. You will agree that a saggy product would not only lose the sheen but would also be counter-productive.

In case you are not in favor of a motorized fan, you can also opt for an inflatable billboard, where once the air filled can be sealed and can stay for a considerable time.

  • Multiple Sizes: The size is no matter when it comes to inflatable billboards. The range ideal for general-purpose publicity is 10'L x 8'H x 4'D to 40'L x 20'H x 10'D. If you have any other size either the smaller size or jumbo size, you can go for customization of the billboard.
  • Floating Billboards: As the name suggests, the billboards can be used on any waterfront beaches or some lakes. It surely attracts the attention of tourists and other public at the beach or tourist place. The imprint of these Inflatable billboards made in the public mind is indelible. You can have a mileage of the method of a publicity campaign.

What Should You Consider?

There are certain factors you need to keep in mind while finalizing the inflatable billboard.

What Material is ideal: This depends on the location where you desire to use. If the surface is smooth, you can go for a lighter material. Alternatively, if the surface is rough or cemented, there is no option but to go for a heavy material billboard so that it could withstand the rough surface.

Location: In case the remote location is your target area, make sure that there is an electricity supply if you are opting for the motorized billboard. Otherwise, the air sealed billboard would be advisable.

The choice of motorized or otherwise also depends on the duration for which you desire to keep the billboard. The air-sealed billboard may not last long enough if the duration too long a period.


  • Your objective of reaching the target audience is achieved
  • Makes it visible from the distance, which enhances the viewership
  • It is very easy to set up an inflatable billboard, even if it is a giant size. It takes only a few hours.
  • High-quality material makes the billboard wrinkle-free and therefore, durable and reusable
  • Light-weight and therefore, easy to handle and transport
  • Water-resistant and water-repellent quality also available
  • You can achieve top of the quality with appliqué (fabric on fabric) or silk-screen printing and multi-color process

For the next publicity campaign, switch over to the trendy and innovation inflatable billboard instead of sticking to the traditional methods of advertisement.