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Inflatable billboards serve many purposes and are usually placed strategically within high-trafficked places. Some of its uses are for communication and disseminating information, raising awareness, provoke idea and thoughts publicly, and provide a visual platform for expression and marketing purpose.

As we all know, it is always tough to catch the attention of someone who is too busy to stay in a place, but can quickly be caught in every area with an effective inflatable billboard. As a result of this, the use of inflatable billboards for advertisement is preferred mostly by marketers and advertisers. The primary objective of the inflatable billboard is to effortlessly draw the attention and interest of potential clients to your business

In the actual sense, inflatable billboards are known as the best modern advertising instrument in today’s business. The reason for gaining such impressive attention is that they offer unbeatable impacts to your business, as well as, deliver the message to your audience on the spot.

Another benefit of using an inflatable billboard is that they can quickly be set up almost everywhere, lightweight, and take little to no time to set them up. These inflatable designs are produced in a different pattern, shapes, colors, sizes, and designs depending on your purpose, and your target audience.


Everything is changing rapidly most especially the way products and services are being advertised. Gone are the days when a business owner can effortlessly make a profit and reasonable sales with little or no advert for his or her business. The coming of technology has so much changed lots of things and now, the use of inflatable billboard as the best ad tool has become the order of the day.

Even the way product, goods, and services are being advertised are becoming challenging, and for this reason, business owners must have the necessary techniques for brand marketing before making any meaningful sales and profit. You must believe with me that there is virtually nothing new again, so the way you brand your business and advertise the services you offer determines to a considerable extent if you’re going to make progress or not. Therefore, to beat the competition, using inflatable billboard is the smart idea.

In this regard, the use of inflatable billboards has become a widely adopted smart idea usually from the business gurus who understand what an inflatable product can do to their businesses and how to a more significant extent, the use of this inflatable billboard can magically improve their profits.

Therefore, in the ongoing battle on how to gain market share and advertise goods and services, businesses are significantly increasing more creativity and resources in promoting their products and services using quality inflatable products. One one the most fantastic inflatable products to use in getting customers attention and increasing sales is the use of an inflatable billboard.

Besides, no matter the type of industry you are, there is virtually competition everywhere, and for this reason, everyone must learn and understand how to use the right marketing tool to attract the right potential customers to improve your business and make more profits.

However, in this regard, to survive and succeed in this competitive market, you will need to separate your business from other businesses by making your unique. A great way to add uniqueness to what you do is to purchase a quality inflatable billboard to be displayed at the entrance or surrounding of your business location. This is one of the top adopted marketing and advertising tools employed by companies looking for an edge in their business when it comes to gaining customers attention which is a significant factor in determining their sales and profit.

Therefore, to have an effective advertisement in your business, you need to develop some fantastic ideas with the way you can use an inflatable advertising billboard to pull potential clients and attention to your business.

One fantastic benefit of using this inflatable advertising billboard is the fact that you do not need to do any form of planning when you want to set up this inflatable billboard. Therefore, to do this, you have to buy a quality inflatable advertising billboard from a trusted, reputable, and reliable manufacturer, and then set it up.

There is no limitation to where you can put your inflatable billboards, even on water, your inflatable billboard can still disseminate the information needed. Keep in mind that it requires air to set up your inflatable billboard.

Besides, this inflatable billboard can be moved everywhere since it uses air without any issue. You can place these inflatable billboards in front of an exhibition area, business locations, and in the forecourt depending on your type of business and target audience.

And if you notice that this billboard is not giving you the type of impact needed, you can singlehandedly move it from one corner to another area effortlessly.

Apart from the fact that you can move it anywhere, you can also take or set it up anytime, and anywhere. For instance, if you see that it’s about raining and you don’t want it to be rained on, you can quickly take the billboard down and set it up the moment the rain is over. This is one of the reasons why the inflatable is most preferred for outdoor advertisement.

Another great benefit of using this inflatable advertising billboard is that it doesn’t interrupt viewers and potential consumers in any form. It has no smell, sound, and it is not a negative attention grabber.

It is usually noticed due to its method of passing messages across to the end users with its creative graphics, beautiful colors, fantastic messages, and bright, bold colors.


There is no limitation to the benefit that inflatable billboard can bring to your business. It is essential that you pick your choice of advertisement billboard from a reliable and trustworthy company that understands how to pass your message across to your target audience practically and effortlessly.

For your choice of the inflatable billboard, please visit or give them a call. Inflaad is the best inflatable manufacturer in the entire USA, and you can be sure of getting values for your money.





Do you wish to take your services to another level you have always imagined? Do you want to beat the competition in your type of business? Do you want to catch massive attention for your business and publicize your coming event? Do you want to improve your sales and ranked in the service you offer? Do you have an upcoming event and you need lots of crowd at an affordable price? If your answer to these questions is yes, then here is the right solution for you.

Inflatable billboards are powerful ways of making your business known. It is a cheap method, yet the most effective means of advertising and gaining massive attention from the clients, and prospective customers. The use of inflatable billboard is popularly known as the best means of achieving the highest frequency and customer’s visibility. There are so many ways through which you can catch or gain the visibilities of customers, but the most potent, practical, and cheap method is the use of inflatable billboards. So, when you utilize the use of inflatable billboard to advertise your services, products, events, and ceremonies, there is certainty that your business would have an effective grab from potential customers and catapult the public attention, and your business.

However, this article focuses on improving your business sales and services, and an eye-opener for everyone in the marketing industry, as well as, small-scale business owners, large-scale business owners, corporate bodies, and governmental organizations that want to improve their services and products by utilizing the this powerful and most effective advertising method. In the actual sense, the use of inflatable advertising is generally known as the cheapest way of advertising your businesses and services.

The fact that you can use this inflatable billboard to promote your business does not mean that you cannot use it for other purposes. For instance, if you have an upcoming event that demands a lot of attention, you can use this powerful and most effective inflatable means to attract the attention of the crowd. Also, if you have an upcoming event or want to make a public announcement to the general public, this is the most powerful tool to use. Apart from the fact that it would help your business gain a significant impression and attention, it would also make your business or event the talk of the town which automatically increases your sales.

The following are few of the primary reasons why you need to use inflatable billboard for your public advert.

Straightforwardly, Ill like to define inflatable billboard advertising. It refers to commercial signaling with the use of signage billboards which is intended to be filled with air for public advertisement with the purpose of gaining higher frequency attention, drawing potential clients, and gaining visibility. These inflatable advertisement billboards can be designed in different shapes, patterns, colors, materials, and sizes. For instance, there are lots of different sizes available at Inflata Ads such as 20FT inflatable billboards, 28ft inflatable billboards, 18ft inflatable billboards, and 25ft inflatable billboards all at very affordable prices.

Also, they can also be in any form of inflatable shapes, replicas, display billboards which tend to be used to advertise and provide valid information about your product and services to your target audience.

Another good reason why you need to use this advertising billboard is the fact that it is durable, long-lasting, and can easily be folded when not in use.

When the inflatable advertisement billboard is no longer in use, you can easily deflate and keep them for future usage. A quality inflatable advertisement billboard can serve you for an unlimited number of years, at least ten years. And when it is time for disposal, you can easily reuse this inflatable material for camping purposes.

This is pretty convenient, cheap, easy to carry, durable, long-lasting, and the most effective method of advertising your product and service, and events to the general public.


However, inflatable billboard does not require too much space to get your information across to the target audience since most of the time; it is usually placed up above floating in the air or probably, mounted in an open commercial area where a large number of passer-byes can easily see the information. These inflatable advertisement materials can indeed occupy a whole lot of attention as it floats. Most viewers would see the inflatable billboard displayed and would be amazed by the particular type of advertisement you are using which automatically draws their attention to whatever the service you offer.



Think BIG in Publicity Campaign, Go For Inflatable Billboards


Do you want to publicize your products, but not sure, whether the advertisement will have enough viewership you envisaged? True, unless the objective of promoting a product is achieved, there is no point in spending the amount on publicity campaigns. Do not worry; probably, the publicity media you have in mind might be conventional, which might not assure the potential viewers. The modern-day technology is aplenty with innovation. The trendy ways of publicity modes have taken over the market so that the target audience does not miss the product campaign. A buzzword in the market is about inflatable billboard advertisement.

What is Billboard Advertisement?

If you desire a right connect to the potential audience, you need to shrug off the traditional means of publicity. You should develop some creativity and novelty in the dissemination of information about your products. The effective outdoor method is an inflatable billboard, which if strategically used would target the audience and convey the message in a right manner.

Variant Designs

Obviously, in order to meet your objective, you need to think ‘out of the box’ and create inflatable billboards in a non-conventional method. This includes variant designs of a customized size.

  • Portable: In addition to being novel and trendy, you can also derive additional advantage of the mobility of billboards wherever you desire. The portability of publicity material could effectively reach the audience of different locations without many hassles or expenses in transportation.


  • Motorized: With a view to maintaining the shape and design you have in mind, the 110-V built-in electric motor can accompany. This enables continuous airflow blower to ensure that there is no disfigurement of the design. You will agree that a saggy product would not only lose the sheen but would also be counter-productive.


In case you are not in favor of a motorized fan, you can also opt for an inflatable billboard, where once the air filled can be sealed and can stay for a considerable time.


  • Multiple Sizes: The size is no matter when it comes to inflatable billboards. The range ideal for general-purpose publicity is 10'L x 8'H x 4'D to 40'L x 20'H x 10'D. If you have any other size either the smaller size or jumbo size, you can go for customization of the billboard.


  • Floating Billboards: As the name suggests, the billboards can be used on any waterfront beaches or some lakes. It surely attracts the attention of tourists and other public at the beach or tourist place. The imprint of these Inflatable billboards made in the public mind is indelible. You can have a mileage of the method of a publicity campaign.

What Should You Consider?

There are certain factors you need to keep in mind while finalizing the inflatable billboard.

What Material is ideal: This depends on the location where you desire to use. If the surface is smooth, you can go for a lighter material. Alternatively, if the surface is rough or cemented, there is no option but to go for a heavy material billboard so that it could withstand the rough surface.

Location: In case the remote location is your target area, make sure that there is an electricity supply if you are opting for the motorized billboard. Otherwise, the air sealed billboard would be advisable.

The choice of motorized or otherwise also depends on the duration for which you desire to keep the billboard. The air-sealed billboard may not last long enough if the duration too long a period.


  • Your objective of reaching the target audience is achieved
  • Makes it visible from the distance, which enhances the viewership
  • It is very easy to set up an inflatable billboard, even if it is a giant size. It takes only a few hours.
  • High-quality material makes the billboard wrinkle-free and therefore, durable and reusable
  • Light-weight and therefore, easy to handle and transport
  • Water-resistant and water-repellent quality also available
  • You can achieve top of the quality with appliqué (fabric on fabric) or silk-screen printing and multi-color process

For the next publicity campaign, switch over to the trendy and innovation inflatable billboard instead of sticking to the traditional methods of advertisement.


Why should you use Inflatable Billboards?

Marketing is extremely important for your business. You always need to find some new, creative ways to promote your business and Inflatable Billboards might very well help you a lot. They are distinct, unique and unexpected. This is the best set of features that a head-turner can have. Which is why more and more companies start using Inflatable Billboards every day.

They are custom made

You don’t have standard Inflatable Billboards. Every one of them is created according to your needs and requirements. This means you can go as crazy as you want with the design. You can also use whatever promotional messages and visuals you want. It all comes down to showing customers they can rely on you. Once you show people how to connect with you and why they should do that, it will be a lot easier to generate more leads and customers.

Fast advertising

People are very busy, so if you want to advertise to them you need to be very quick. Inflatable Billboards are great because people just have to take a glance at them and they will understand what you offer, where they can buy featured stuff and so on. It’s fast, convenient and very easy to adapt to your own needs if you want to.

Easy to install

Once the Inflatable Billboard was created as per your requirements, you will have to install it. Thankfully, installing an Inflatable Billboard is not that hard, you just have to plug in the socket and then you will have the Inflatable Billboard ready to go. The portability offered by these billboards is amazing, as you can place them literally anywhere you want without being restricted or anything like that.

Very detailed

Unlike other forms of advertising, Inflatable Billboards are known for being very detailed and reliable. They really look amazing and provide all the necessary features that you might need. It’s an unique way for your company to express itself and share its messages with the audience, which is what matters the most.

Indoor and outdoor use

While you can use the Inflatable Billboards only outdoors if you want, there are also models suitable for indoor use too. You just have to identify your needs and based on that you will have a plethora of options to choose from. It really is well worth the effort, because you just have to pick the best option for you and that’s it.

As you can see, Inflatable Billboards are offering the perfect means to advertise your business naturally and with great results. The return on investment is amazing all the time, and the best part is that you can also showcase the ideas of your business the way you want to. The Inflatable Billboards are inexpensive, dependable and they always give you the efficiency you need no matter what happens. All these things add up to bring in front rewarding benefits, and that’s extremely important. Rest assured that you will have no problem generating more leads and customers once the Inflatable Billboards are up!



 Inflatable Billboards 

Using regular billboards is not going to grab a lot of attention every time. People are accustomed to that kind of advertising, they want something new and fresh. And that’s where the Inflatable Billboards come into play. They tend to work really well just because they are very intriguing. People want to check them out and see how they work, and the best part is that there’s a lot of great value and quality to be had in there. You just have to take your time and actively focus on the experience as a whole as you try to get the best results.

With that in mind, the Inflatable Billboards are known for being quite large and super easy to adapt to your own needs. That’s the real thing that makes billboards like this stand out, and the ROI can be huge all the time. It’s a great and powerful advertising method that always pushes things to the next level. You just have to make the right pick when it comes to the type of advertising you want to add.

The main benefit brought by Inflatable Billboards is that they can be deflated and relocated to a new location. This is a powerful feature because you can still insert new ads for a new region if you want to. That makes it a very versatile advertising method and you will be extremely happy with it all the time. Yes, it does take a bit of time to get used to it. And you also have to create ads that will fit the inflatable billboards.

But in the end the inflatable billboards are very interesting, unique and appealing. They offer great results and a resounding value all the time, which is what you need. Yes, it’s all about the features you want and the experience as a whole. You just have to give it a shot and the ROI can indeed be huge regardless of what happens. Rest assured that the inflatable billboards will always offer an interesting promotional idea.

And the best part is that inflatable billboards are not very expensive. They still get the job done very well, but you don’t have to pay for advertising on a billboard. Instead you have your own inflatable billboards and you can promote your business and any products or features you want at your own pace. It will always pay off a lot and it will bring in front some nifty benefits no matter what happens.

It’s safe to say that the inflatable billboards are a great investment for any business. Promoting your stuff has never been easier, and the ROI can indeed be second to none all the time. You just have to make the right choice and actively figure out what really matters the most. But it’s totally worth it and that’s exactly what you need to consider here. Just make sure that you give it a shot and you will be incredibly happy with the way everything works. Test it out, this is a great advertising method you do not want to miss!

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