Custom Inflatables

Creating your Custom inflatables are a great way to increase attraction to your company/event. Custom inflatables can be in the form of giant inflatable animals which are a sure way to get your name noticed at your next event. Character inflatables perform well at radio station promotions like, parades, giveaways and event sponsorship. Custom inflatables bring attention to the crowd every time. Our designers will work with you to create the custom advertising that is right for you. You can order any of our standard inflatables branded to your company through colors and logos or let us help you with a completely new idea. There are no limits to our creativity on custom advertising balloons, or any type of giant inflatable. 
Custom Inflatables are eye catching and create a giant advertising sign drawing attention to your event. The artworks can be printed single or double sided depending on your needs. You can also order the Logo Tower, Logo Wedge or Wall. We are specialists in 3D designing custom in various shapes and allow you to start your own profitable business. Custom Inflatables will pay for themselves in weeks and continue to perform for years assuring a solid profit on your purchase. The big advantage is the possibility to change banners. One inflatable frame with set of banners can serve to present a wide range of products.

Custom shaped advertising balloons are powered by a continuously operating electric fan that keeps air flowing into the balloon. The fan mounts at the bottom of the balloon and can be powered by 110V or 220V electricity. 

The balloon folds up and can be easily transported in the storage bag in the trunk of your car. These stationary inflatables create an instant visible for your location!